• You communicate with us about your mural considerations and we discuss with you Simply Artistic’s mural process.
  • We determine whether our mural service can accommodate your request.
  • If we determine that our mural process can accommodate your request,you provide Simply Artistic with your I.M.A.G.E. Specs.

    I – IMAGE: We request an image of the wall(s) to be painted. Having photos provides us with an overall view of the wall layout, how high on the wall we recommend painting the mural, any wall obstructions that might exist and any specific wall contours that will need to be considered.

    M – MEASUREMENTS: Along with images of the wall(s) to be painted, we also request that you send us the measurements of those walls. This will assist in the artwork design.

    A – ARTWORK: Whether you provide us with a copy of the artwork you want painted, or Simply Artistic designs it for you, we need to know exactly what the artwork will look like. Our pricing is based largely on the image to be painted, so this step is critical.

    G – GEOGRAPHY: We need to know the location in which these murals will be painted. Logistically, this allows us to price your mural project accurately.

    E – ESTIMATE: With the above listed criteria, we are able to generate a proposal for your mural request.

  • We provide you with your Project Order (PRO) Proposal.
  • If approved, you sign and email the PRO to us and pay 50% of the project cost.
  • We schedule your project and provide you with an estimated date of completion.
  • We commence your project off-site by creating the necessary stencils.
  • We create your mural on-site and communicate with you as necessary about progress.
  • You remit payment for the balance of the project cost upon project completion.