Paul is an accomplished pencil fine artist and muralist whose start began with pencils during childhood.  Paul’s passion gravitated from cartoon characters into a world of Realism which incorporates large-scale murals with the airbrush.  It was Paul’s life experiences and artistic passion that led to his development of a unique large-scale mural process which replicates a chosen image with astonishing accuracy.

It once occurred to Paul that the automobile is the ultimate in paint perfection as application happens with the air gun, and without visible brush strokes . . . wow!  In high school, Paul invested in an airbrush system and started to develop new skills.  Meanwhile, his pencil work continued marching forward.

Paul’s artistry was his full-time “side business” during his 25+ years of “regular” employment in all facets of the print industry.  In the 90s, Paul developed basic editing and graphics skills with software like Photoshop and Illustrator and began creating images for his art customers, and his own advertisements.  Paul served three years in the US Army where, wisely, his skills as a graphic artist were put to good use.  Over time, Paul incorporated into his art repertoire his techniques of dimensioning, layering, shading and perspective, along with a keen sense of realism, to illustrate depth and turn 2-D images into 3-D.

After countless t-shirts, motorcycle gas tanks and car hoods, Paul began receiving greater requests for wall murals whose size only seemed to increase.  Paul had another epiphany—to combine his superior airbrush skills with his knowledge of graphics and the print industry to create his own stencil as the backdrop to his paint application, knocking the accuracy piece outa the ballpark!  It’s difficult for an artist to re-create an image with substantial accuracy that is 35 feet high, measuring 25 feet wide by 75 feet long.  In 2005, Paul built his first large-scale stencil, created a large mural with incredible accuracy, and the rest is history!

In 2009, five of Paul’s wildlife pencil art pieces were among almost 5500 international entries that were judged in a competition for visual illustration.  Each of Paul’s five pieces were selected and showcased in Communication Arts’ 50th Annual Illustration publication.  Wildlife remains a pencil favorite.


As a leader in custom painted murals at K-12 Construction Projects in Texas, Simply Artistic recognizes that your environment matters greatly.  Whether a business or school, a hospital or visitor center—we have the knowledge, talent and experience to make your painted murals among the highest quality available.  Quality large-scale visual art can have a profound impact on viewers, particularly in a group setting.  Murals draw attention to your environment, temporarily alleviate the infirm, inspire spirit and energize.  We’ve seen murals inject enthusiasm into isolated and lonesome days.  It is equally energizing to Simply Artistic knowing our contribution, however slight, may have a favorable and lasting impact upon others.  This is exactly why we do what we do.