You want the favorable impact of a one-of-a-kind mural and you have a specific need—your chosen image, at your chosen location, of your chosen size and colors.  Image accuracy, whether because of branding, trademark or general business considerations, is critical.  All hell will break loose if you deviate from established guidelines—your image must be precise!  How can you assure accuracy?  Where do you start?  Is it even possible to have it your way?  Fortunately, it is.

Our purpose here is image accuracy, and we will assume that you prefer a hand-painted mural over vinyl.  What promotes accuracy?  It’s all about the process.

Assess Mural Process

Process is very important in understanding your selected Muralist.  Spend some time on your Muralist’s site.  Make a call.  Assess the detail.  Ask questions.  How does your Muralist create the product?  What steps are involved?  To what extent are you involved?  Assess prior murals, assuming they’re featured on the site.  Compare with other mural options.  Who are you most comfortable with as it relates to process, product, experience, communication and disposition?  Does this seem like a business you can work with?  How do they assure accuracy?  Ask.  There are quality Muralists out there, perhaps not an overabundance, and it may take some effort to seek and find.  Nonetheless, your research is very important homework.

We at Simply Artistic employ a unique process because of our belief that it enhances both quality and accuracy.  But accuracy is an important consideration for all Muralists.  As with most industries, we Muralists often differ in process and technique.  Sufficiently query your Muralist so that you are comfortable.  You must believe enough in your chosen Muralist to commence the process and trust that the final product will meet your expectations.  Your decision relies on your homework.


Your Critical Contribution

Our own path towards accuracy starts with critical items from you before we begin any work.  We call this your “I.M.A.G.E. SPECS

I is for Image.  We request an image of the wall(s) to be painted.

M is for Measurements.  Along with images of the walls to be painted, we request measurements of those walls.

A is for Artwork.  We request a copy of the artwork that you want painted, or a description of that artwork if we are to generate samples of your murals.

G is for Geography.  We need to know the location where the murals will be painted.

E is for Estimate.  We generate a complete proposal based on your I.M.A.G.E. SPECS.


Once we determine the final mural selection, we want your artwork in high-resolution format because we digitally modify it to actual mural size in order to build our stencil.  Our stencil is a key accuracy component.  You can, in part, view our stenciling process here:


Image location is necessary to confirm whether your surface will accommodate paint application and our method, and to ensure unobstructed access during creation.  Exterior surfaces, for example, are far more susceptible to weather and environmental challenges, while obstacles clearly limit access during creation.  Image size is essential to our stencil-development and, along with colors, help us meet your exact specifications.  There is an accuracy correlation between your I.M.A.G.E. SPECS and the quality of your mural, so it can be said that your I.M.A.G.E. SPECS are beyond critical.

Assess the Muralist’s Work

It should be easy for you to assess your Muralist’s prior work as all artists eagerly display their talent.  Are there previous murals like yours in size, detail and complexity?  Does your Muralist have experience with sizeable projects, both indoor and outdoor, to show an ability to adapt to various challenges yet retain a quality focus?  Does the combination of the process and project history make you “feel” you’ve got the right Muralist for your job?  Challenges often arise during the creation of large-scale murals.  How does your Muralist communicate during the project when challenges require your knowledge or involvement to ensure progression?  Is there a process for that?

I have given a small flavor of our Simply Artistic model for quality.  Admittedly, We are not intimately familiar with the processes of other Muralists.  Your homework, in that regard, is important.  All Muralists have their own quality processes and techniques.  It’s up to you to query, discover, and assess.  As with all industries, Muralists can be as different as fingerprints.  Although no two are alike, many do quality work and it’s up to you to ask questions and make that discovery.  After all, this is an important investment.  So—investigate online and make some calls . . . start your homework and place yourself on the right path to Have it your way!