Hildebrandt Intermediate School, Spring, Texas

Hildebrandt Intermediate School is a mural project for a newly-constructed school addition which includes a gymnasium.  All of the images we created were in the gym, on primarily masonry surface.  Chosen images, provided by architectural design, incorporate the Mustangs logo.

The gym floor logo necessitated a special process to ensure durability through the constant impact of athletic activity.  The gym floor is a resilient and forgiving specialized vinyl material with fiberglass and PVC foam backing.  We used the Gen-U-Line polyurethane paint for the gym floor logo, a product specifically designed for synthetic athletic surfaces.  The paint cures to a reflective, vibrant and extremely durable finish, capable of withstanding the impact of athletic activity long-term.  Our creation of the gym floor logo, from start to finish, was a tedious and detailed process.  The project progressed exactly as planned, maintaining our highest standard of product quality.

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