All Star Storage, Richmond, Texas

Management at this location sought an image fronting the building that could draw attention from a distance, but was unsure of what to display.  In a brainstorm session wherein Pablo presented options, management elected a large image of the Texas flag with its single star, which aligns well with the All Star business name and logo.  In order to maximize efficiency and maintain standards of quality during our mural creations, we require 8-feet of clear space fronting the image surface, for the entire length of the intended image.  Anything less presents challenges and, depending on the nature of the obstruction itself, our creation could become impossible.  For this project, we strategically “weaved” our scaffolding through the iron fencing for the assembly that would provide us with the necessary elevation to access higher sections of the image.  Our action of assembly-weave-and-disassembly for the duration of the project did prolong project time, but was ultimately a solution that worked.  Masonry surfaces like this are ideal for a durable mural of exceptional quality.  Ownership is pleased with the final product.

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