Adams Junior High School was a newly-constructed school and sought to prominently brand its Vikings logo at a couple locations within the school, and to designate bleacher seating text murals inside the gymnasium for spectators during athletic events.  One Vikings logo was earmarked for the Music Department and titled Fine Arts, while the second Vikings logo was placed on a wall just outside of the school gymnasium.

As is often the case with new construction, we carefully coordinated our actions to prevent undue imposition during the course of our creation and their construction.  Our project surface is masonry, ideal for our creation of durable and lasting images.  The project progressed exactly as planned and our final products were well received.


September 2019 – Joe M. Adams Junior High School – Katy ISD – Fulshear, Texas

Architecture & Design:  PBK Architects          General Contractor:  Drymalla Construction

Project Scope:     5 Murals     159.76 Square Feet of Mural Painting

Project Type(s)

Mural Art

Project Gallery