Weight Room, Grapevine High School, Grapevine, Texas

This took place in a newly-constructed High School, identical in design to our Colleyville High School project location.  The nature of our project was very similar to Colleyville as well.  Mustangs is the school logo and this Weight Room was the first of separate mural groups we created within the school, in this case, a large running mustang upon the masonry surface.  We used a mechanical lift to access the entire surface during our creation.  Close coordination with the General Contractor was necessary to ensure progress and to minimize disruption during the various stages of construction.

As with our Colleyville project, we weaved a mechanical lift “over the river and through the woods” onto the second-floor landing to access the surface for the Mustang mascot on the indoor arena wall.  Our creation upon the masonry surface went exactly as planned once we solved and assembled our lift support infrastructure.

The ground level masonry surface within the hallway presented no access challenges.  Our trusted step ladder served us well.  A painted surface in a high-access area such as this is ideal because it cannot be peeled by the wavering fingernails that pass by.  We created with the school mascot durable and lasting images for long-term inspiration.


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