Weight Room, Colleyville Heritage High School, Colleyville, Texas

This took place in a newly-constructed high school.  This was the first of three separate mural groups we created within the school.  This weight room image was our largest at this location, measuring 75 feet long and 30 feet high.  Murals of this size easily present access challenges.  We used scaffolding and a mechanical lift in order to access the entire surface.  Our work occurred simultaneously with construction that was taking place throughout the school.  There were some late architectural changes to the planned image after the initial rendering—the background color became a light gray and the size of the center paw was reduced.  We adapted and conquered.  It was also a challenge to accomplish the red-to-white color fade within the strength & conditioning lettering on the masonry surface but, as usual, Pablo never ceases to amaze—his expertise made it happen!  We worked closely with the general contractor to minimize disruption, ours and theirs, to ensure a quality and timely product.  This image is designed to energize student athletes as they condition themselves for competition.


The indoor practice arena is our second of three separate mural groupings.  The surface for the image is again masonry, which is ideal for paint.  Access did present a challenge.  With less than one inch to spare on either side, we attentively filled a ground-floor elevator with a mechanical lift and carefully maneuvered it onto the second-floor landing.  The lift enabled us to access the image surface during our creation.


The hallway was our final of three separate mural groupings within the school.  We particularly enjoyed the variety and creativity in chosen images.  Access to the masonry surface was far easier from a ground level ladder.  Our creation of this image worked especially well with our combination of stenciling and airbrush processes.  The red and white color contrast upon the lighter gray wall does create an energizing visual “pop” for this high-traffic hallway.  The painted image is durable and it cannot be peeled from the wall surface.  This is an image designed for long-term inspiration.

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