Steam Locomotive Crashing Through a Building in Rosenberg, Texas

Rosenberg became a headquarters for the New York, Texas and Mexican railways in the late 1800s.  Downtown Rosenberg continues to highlight some of its rail history and Simply Artistic added visual enhancement with a large-scale mural on an old brick building facing a courtyard.  The image is that of a 1950s Class 7 Pacific Steam Locomotive crashing through the red brick building and into the courtyard.  The brick was very porous due to age and it consumed far more paint than expected.  Scaffolding permitted our access.  This image has favorably impacted us as well as many viewers as we continue to receive great feedback.  We have used this image in our advertisements because of the energy that it develops among viewers.  Pablo’s intent was to create an artistic conversation piece while maintaining railroad focus.  Pablo certainly accomplished his goal!

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