Kingwood Medical Center, Kingwood, Texas

We have created a number of images for the medical industry, in hospitals and clinics, and we are discovering a common intent—a genuine patient-centered approach to help brighten a potentially difficult circumstance for the patient or family.  Our medical industry customers seek colorful images that inspire favorable thought or attention, something visual that could potentially help alleviate individual circumstance, even if temporary.  We recognize that inspirational art can have healing properties that can improve an otherwise unfavorable day.


Kingwood Medical Center is no exception.  Kingwood management sought to do exactly that—help brighten the day for the patient and family with colorful and inspirational visual creations.  Following consultation, specific images were selected and Pablo brought those images to life.  This was an ideal project and Kingwood staff was exceptionally accommodating for the duration.  We did reach our targets for quality and timeliness, and Kingwood was pleased with the result.  So are we!


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