Barn Door, Rosenberg, Texas

Main Event, Rosenberg, Texas

W Grill Margaritas To-Go, Houston, Texas

These three separate businesses each necessitated one single exterior mural to enhance its visibility at specifically-targeted high traffic areas for consumer exposure.

Barn Door is an antique shop and chose contrasting red and white colors to promote clear visibility from a distance for branding and marketing purposes.  The surface is corrugated and ribbed metal.  Paint is the ideal mural medium for an uneven exterior surface such as this.  This exterior surface would not accommodate a vinyl product.  Access required both scaffolding and a ladder but was not too difficult.

Main Event is a custom screen-print business and W Grill is a local eatery with emphasis in specific food and beverage.  Exterior surfaces at both locations is a stucco cement plaster.  Our stenciling and airbrush processes work exceptionally well with this surface, resulting in durable and lasting images.


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