Barbers Hill Independent School District, Mont Belvieu, Texas

This was a fairly straightforward project in that Barbers Hill sought to brand the name of their school district upon exterior building surfaces.  The corrugated metal exterior surface is challenging to work with from a quality standpoint.  The continuously-ribbed and angled bends in metal does test our stenciling process.  It takes considerable effort to mold our thick stencils to the match metal contours as much as practically possible.  We adhere our stencil as close to the metal surface as possible in order to minimize paint overspray beyond stencil borders.  Overspray is unfortunately inevitable, necessitating detailed paint “clean-up” to enhance quality by presenting clearly-defined lettering as a final product.  With our typical attention-to-detail nature, however, we infused quality into our crisp lettering, providing Barber’s Hill with the appealing images they were looking for.  Proudly . . . another satisfied customer!

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